• MajiqNytz

    Rate Story Teller

    Posted by MajiqNytz Jan 19 - 5 votes - 101 views
    be fair
  • testusername

    Which one is best ?

    Posted by testusername Jan 19 - 3 votes - 102 views
    Give your thoughts.
  • testusername

    Dev Poll

    Posted by testusername Jan 19 - 3 votes - 100 views
    this is dev poll for android application testing.
  • MajiqNytz

    test poll in VIP suite

    Posted by MajiqNytz August 16, 2016 - 2 votes - 96 views
    can you see this
  • Footprint

    Global Dancefloor Improvements

    Posted by Footprint September 19, 2013 - 5 votes - 399 views
    we can improve the global dancfloor experience by allowing you to filter the live feed by country or by location plus radius. this will allow you to be much more specific when you want to go global. the website is essentially free to users, but we need donations for larger projects to improve the way the site runs would you be willing to donate to this project