What is The Mushroom Club Residents ?

The Mushroom Club Residents is part of the Mushroom Club – a 24-Hour Global Nightclub: - Offers Live Radio Shows, for Members to Listen & Watch DJ's with Webcams, using Mobile, Social Media Apps and Chatrooms for a FULLY Integrated Experience. It’s the Happening, WITHOUT the Hype - in the MOST Underground Club in the World. It's YOUR Connection to the Past, Present & Future of the Clubbing Scene!! The Mushroom Club; Emerging from Spore, to MORE...
WE bring YOU ‘The BEST Old Skool & Up-To-Date’, Multi-Genre, Music Events by International DJ’s playing to the Biggest Audiences… Catering for EVERY Taste, in EVERY Crowd!! If you LOVE Trance, Acid, Techno, Hard House, Tech House or Deep Underground - We've got Everything You Want - in Just ONE Click!! It’s the ONLY On-line Rave, where you can Transition, from Deep Underground to Tech House with Spanking Tracks to Forgotten Classics... Come and Join this Unique, Ultimate Virtual Nightclub and Social Network - Where the House Rules: - ONLY Good Times Apply!!
The Mushroom Club Residents - is a Pioneer in the Underground Music Experience and an Iconic Landmark in Clubbing History. It’s about Feeling the MUSIC, the PEOPLE and the VIBE – It’s a Spiritual Thing... The Energy is always FULL-ON playing After Dark, from Dusk till Dawn ALL around the Globe. This Off-The-Grid Nightclub; puts a LOT of Care into Programming their Hosts’ Events, Bookings and Guest DJ Slots. Bringing some of the BEST Residents, Consistent and Quality Line-ups, with a little Extra Room for some New Talent... The Members arrive EARLY – for the Pure LOVE of music. Whilst, the Live-Streams and Quality Sounds – Guarantee YOU an Awesome and Memorable Night of Euphoria – Every. Damn. Time.
THIS is where the Sins of EVERY City, have been Swept Away – To where the REAL Underground Music Lives… Each Event and Host Design Space is Individually Curated. The Simulated Décor, Visual Backdrops, Videos and Slideshows keep the Environment Changing. It’s Weird and Fun... The Mushroom Club Residents - started as Individual Events & Parties, BUT Growth and Popularity from Loyal Followers, has led to a Taken-Over of Entire Weekends!! There’s NO Invasion of the DJ Booth, as the DJ’s are in the Chatroom… As such, is Treated with Reverence. It’s a Cosy, Personal Affair, with a Friendly atmosphere, Crazy but Knowledgeable crowd - where Shout Outs and Track ID’s are welcomed by ALL.
The Mushroom Club Residents - Is Home to great vibes… DJing to a willing Crowd, under the Stars or Watching the Sun-Rise - Wherever you are in the World. This is JUST the beginning for The Story Teller Experience - Creation is Happening, with an Evolution in OUR Clubbing Experience. If YOU want to be Part of OUR Global Clubbing Community – by Creating, Designing, Promoting, DJing and Hosting Events… We are Looking for Dedicated/Motivated ‘Host Shows’ to Help US Build this ‘Infinite Platform’ into an EPIC Asset for the Electronic Music - Clubbing Community!! It’s a lot of work to make your show look amazing, but its worth the effort – if you have the time and the desire, then lets do it….

General Music Schedule
Weekends – live shows preferred
Mondays - Multi Genre 1st Weekend of the month - Techno
Tuesdays - Techno 2nd Weekend of the month - Multi Genre
Wednesdays – Tech/ Acid House 3rd Weekend of the month - hard House / Trance
Thursdays – Hard House / Trance 4th Weekend of the month - Tech House

Congratulations – youre about to become a Mushroom Club Resident

Before you take 30 minutes or so to get set up, we think its fair to explain how this works and what is expected of you.
The radio station costs a lot of money per year in Music licenses and development costs, server fees and other expenses. We don’t want money from you.
We want you to use the design flexibility we have created in your radio page to customise your show, to have visual impact, just the way you would in a real nightclub – so that your audience arrive in the Mushroom Club and go WOW!!! This place is amazing…
We understand a lot of people are used to the facebook approach to events - your customised radio page has the same feature – we call it the event journal – we also have a chatroom – video player - customised slideshow ( where all photos added in the event journal are shown) - listener maps for radio and viewer maps for live video – Dj timetable - message for your guests from you - customised page background – including gif files – changing text font and colour …. There is so much you can do on 1 page… to make it your page - - for your show….
There is a lot to do but the design makes many task simple ( like create 1 event and it will create your whole years worth at the same time – so that you can keep your page updated and looking great for your audience, on desktops mobiles and the app
Your feedback is welcomed – this is your club – you have a say in how its built

Show Responsibilities

The Mushroom club is a nightclub, you should host your show the same way you would in a real club.
• Chat with the listeners in the chatroom
• Be in the chatroom – either you or one of the show co hosts or admin – during the whole show – keep the chat flowing for your guests
• Use the Event journal to add photos to the slideshow and the Global Dancefloor to promote your show.
• Encourage guest to sign up to the Mushroom Club
• Encourage everyone to use the facebook and twitter share buttons – this will help bring more people to your show
• You must also create your own show where necessary and program your own sets in Airtime

OK – if that hasn’t scared you off – lets go :)

STAGE 1 - Set Up 'Mushroom Club Residents' Page for Radio

Step 1.2 - Create Your Mushroom Club Residents Page
• Click on the 'Yoouu' Tab in the navigation bar - Click 'create page'
• Choose 'Mushroom Club Residents' Page which is selectable from the drop down menu. ( DO NOT choose Radio Show)
• Call the page your Show name - MYSHOWNAME and describe it as you want "Multi genre dance music to sooth your bones and soul"
• Then click on 'Music Genre' to open up drop down menu. Pick as many genre's as you wish to represent what you do.
• You can also use the 'other' tab to add more genre's, or a further description of you and your musical style (eg. bouncy, industrial, jump up, etc).
• Click 'Save Page and Go to The Club' and you will be re-directed to the Global Dancefloor.

Admin to add Mushroom Club Residents Page to Radio Page

STAGE 2 - Show Management

Open your Mushroom Club Residents Page
• Click on the' Yoouu Tab' and then open your Mushroom Club Residents page from the drop down list. - Click 'Manage Page'
Create your Event Listing
Now click on the 'Create New Event' button and you can build your shows listing.
Now just work down the options...
• Choose your country.
• Then select the frequency of your show - weekly, monthly, etc.
• Now select the appropriate audience group for this show
• Select the start date and time & end time and date of your FIRST SHOW (first show only please), using the calendar pop up and times.

• Add a description of your show under 'Event Description'.- Generic description - this process will create shows for you up until the end of the current year - do not make this description show specific.
• Then choose your genre(s) from the list...
• Now add a description of the music on your show by clicking other
• You can also add an event photo/flyer to the listing by clicking 'Choose File' under the event photo - again - generic picture - not with dates
• Once all done click 'Create' and your event is complete.
if you get it wrong - tell admin - we will delete the incorrect events and you can start again

STAGE 3 - Customise Mushroom Club Residents Page for Radio Show

Open your Mushroom Club Residents Page
• Click on the' Yoouu Tab' and then open your Mushroom Club Residents page from the drop down list. - Click 'Manage Page'
Most important thing from now is to get ALL the basic information set up and up to date. The majority of settings are in here, and once this is done the remaining steps do not take that long at all.

Customise Page Layout -
This is how your show is presented on the site, so is worth some extra time and attention to get it right!
• click on 'Page Layout'
• Now it's time to upload a background image for the page, this can be an animated gif or static image.
• Click Upload New Image Direct to select picture file and wait a few moments while the page updates.
• Choose your desired text colour and font, and you have the option to apply this selection to all colour and font options listed further down the page.
You may need to have a play to get a Text colour scheme that compliments the background image/artwork. Text will overlay the background image, so you may have to try a few options using the 'Save and Preview' option.
• Update your shows message (tag line - up to 20 words) by typing in the box to the right of the words 'Show Message'.
• eg. The best in Uplifting Trance brought to you by DJ's Rick and Morty.... or Weekly Hard House Vinyl showcase with resident Mr Nice plus guests...
• Once this is done, you can add pictures to your page's slide show by clicking 'Add Slideshow Pictures'. You can add multiple images at once by highlighting them all before uploading. This will take a few minutes as you should be uploading as many images as possible
• Once uploaded, scroll down the pop-up window and click 'Create'.
• Now on to the Video Background section. This is the image that will display when you are not broadcasting and there is no video feed. This is ideally a flyer for your show.
• You can either upload a new flyer directly by clicking 'Upload New Flyer Direct' or you can select from library of previously uploaded photos (instruction for this at end of Step).
• You can upload photos to a library using the 'Add Background Photo's tab in the same way you did for the slideshow pictures. Once uploaded, you can chose from these images and update your page from this library on the go.

Unique Page Name Set Up
• Click to open Page Name Set up in the same way as before...
• From here you can amend your Mushroom Club Residents Name and also the Name for your Residents Page.
• More importantly you can create a custom URL (web link) for your show by filling in the URL: text box. Please note no spaces are allowed on this bit. When you create a page -you are given a unique name generated by code.. This allows you to give your page a more appropriate name and generate your mroom.club/ link to share with your guests
• You can now also add a full description of your show by filling in the 'Description' box.
• Further down you can add 'tags' and 'keywords' for searching, these must be separated with a comma.
• Now on to the 'Contact Details' section.
Step 3.5 - Add Contact Details (inc Social Media)
• The next section down is the 'Contact Me' area, where you can add a variety of details including...
• Phone number
• E-mail Address
• Website
• Plus you can add various social media links using the URL of your social page(s).
Step 3.6 - Add DJ's (using their existing pages on the site)
• 'Click to open' the DJ's (Residents and Guests) page to update your DJ's to your page.
• As you can see there is a separate section for residents and guests, add your DJ's one at a time to the relevant section.
• If the DJ has been listed on The Mushroom Club before then they should already have an entry. Wait a few seconds to see if one loads. If nothing comes up, then you can add them at this stage by clicking 'Add New Dj'.

Any time a DJ is listed on the site a Proxy page will be created for them. Encourage all of your DJ (including yourself!) to claim these Proxy pages when setting up their accounts on the site.

STAGE 4 - Further settings

All of these steps take place within your Mushroom Club Residents Manage Page section. For instruction on how to get to this page see Step 2.1 or Step 3.1.
4.1 - Privacy Settings
• Click on 'Privacy Settings' on the lefthand menu of the page.
• Review default privacy settings, and amend if needed.
Please note default settings should be suitable for most if not all shows!
4.2 - Page Photo
• Click on 'Page Photo' on the lefthand menu of the page.
• Click 'Choose file' to upload a new Profile Image to replace the default image.
• Select your desired picture and open it to load.
• Wait a few moments for this to load and... Voila!
4.3 - Manage Team (DJ's and Admins)
• Click on 'Manage Team' on the lefthand menu of the page.
• Click 'Add Admin' on the right to add Admins to your page. They must already have an account on the site.
• Add DJ's or Crew by clicking the 'Add Employee' button.
• You can either select from the list, or search using the members name. Again they must already be set up on the site, or have an active Proxy Page.
• [For more info on Proxy Pages see 3.6 ]
4.4 - Updating Your Page's Cover Photo
• Click on the' Yoouu Tab' and then open your Mushroom Club Residents page from the drop down list.
• When the page opens, click 'Edit Page Cover' on the right of the window.
• You can either chose from your photo's or upload a new image. We'll upload a new image for the purpose of this demonstration.
• Click 'Upload Photo' and then 'Choose A New Photo' on the pop up.
• Select the desired image with a double click.
• When it load on to the page, you can adjust it's positioning it by clicking on the image and moving the mouse. Once you are happy with how it looks, click 'Save Positions' to save the new cover.
• If you would like to amend or change your Cover photo simply click 'Edit Page Cover' again and repeat the process.

STAGE 5 - Advanced Show Management

5.1 - Adding DJ's to the show timetables (1 hour slots)
• Click on 'Yoouu' tab and open your Mushroom Club Residents Page and go to Manage Page (Edit Page).
• Once in, go down to 'Show Management' (like you did in Stage 2) and you will see your next 4 shows have already been automatically created. The system will create the 'Event Pages' for your shows until the end of the year from your original selections.
• Scroll down, and you'll see the timetable for each show, and you can add your DJ's by clicking on the relevant 'cell' and typing in the DJ's name. By now all of your DJ's should be set up, and at least have Proxy Pages on our server to select.
• Populate your timetable accordingly.
• If your DJ is not listed, you can add a new DJ by clicking the 'Add New DJ' button. This creates a Proxy Page for the DJ.
• [For more info on Proxy Pages see 3.6 ]
• If a DJ is playing across more than 1 hour slot you just put their name into the first slot (start time) and drag down tp the last slot and the system fills in the remaining slots accordingly.
• If you would like to view later shows you can select these using the 'Select Events' dropdown menu above your event flyers. On the demonstration video, we have a monthly show scheduled on the 20th of each month. This will be custom to your show and scheduling.
• It's recommended you stay as up to date as possible (at least 3 months in advance), even if it's just the residents that are added now, and guests updated into it later.
5.2 - Timetable with 15 minute time slots (inc. B2B sets)
• If you need for flexibility than the standard 1 hour time slots, you can easily expand this table to show 15 minute increments.
• From the Show Management section, if you click on the small, downfacing arrow to the right of the timetable (next to 09:00) this expands the timetable from 1 hour slots to 15 minute slots. Now you can amend accordingly to tailor you show as you wish.
• If you watch the video you'll see that if you drag a DJ's name on to a slot already populated, it add BOTH of those DJ's to the desired slot. This can we useful for b2b performances, or crossover sections between DJ's. This means both artists will show the set against their profile negating the need of having a having a separate 'x b2b y' page.
5.3 - Manual event editing (set times and everything else)
• This uses the standard Event Management page which you can access by clicking on the flyer image of the relevant show in the 'Show Management' section.
• Once open, you can view event details, and to make changes click on the 'Edit Event' button. This opens the event page in a new window.
• Once open, you can manually adjust the DJ set times and add additional information for each set.
• To change the times, scroll down to the timetable and click on the pre-populated 'Start Time' and 'End Time' boxes and edit the times by adjusting the pop-up 'clock'.
• You can also amend various show details in this page, including 'Music Genre', your 'Event Description' and the description of your music. You can also add a 'Club' name and 'Radio Station' name here, and add more of your details and/or amend any show information that is listed.